What Do Liverpool Have to Change to Win the Premier League in 2017/2018?

The fact that Liverpool have gone through a five year trophy drought and it is apparent that they are not going to win the Premier League this season means things are not alright at Anfield. In fact, compared to last season where Liverpool reached two cup finals, this season’s performance has been dismal.
Liverpool fans could not believe their team could lose to teams like Saints and Wolves, shuttering all hopes of breaking the jinx and ending the dry trophy spell. The “Never Walk Alone” team appears to be alone this season, with only disappointed fans at their side.
What can Liverpool do to redeem themselves in the 2017/2018 season?

Get Experienced Players to Bolster their Squad

Jurgen Klopp is building a formidable team with some really talented players. Georginio Wiljnaldum, for instance, is a rising star who will be a nightmare for many defenders in a couple of years. Roberto Firmino and Adam Lallana are also great promising players that Liverpool fans are proud of.
What Liverpool lacks, however, is experience. This young line up needs three or four experienced midfielders to organize the players and convert those crosses into goals.
The Grand National is being held this year in Liverpool, and the Reds could take inspiration from some of the last editions’ winners. Ever wondered how to pick a Grand National winner? Experience is what counts. Consider what has propelled Chelsea to the top of the Premier League standing. The combination of Eden Hazard and N’Golo Kante has frustrated many defenders this season.
But, in essence, Hazard provides the experience that is necessary on the pitch, while Kante does all the magic with the ball. Liverpool can borrow a leaf and hire some players with experience to bolster the team.

Strengthen the Spine of the Team

Throughout the history of the Premier League, teams that have performed phenomenally have always had a strong spine. Presently, Chelsea are the favourites to win the Premier League. Their spine is superb; they have Diego Costa, Hazard and Kante, and a top-notch goal keeper.
When the “Red Devils” were in their best form (they were stuck at position 6 on the table for too long this season), they had Peter Schmeichel manning the goal, Steve Bruce in the defence, and Roy Keane as midfielder. Arsenal had Sol Campbell in defence, Thierry Henry and Bergkamp.
Currently, Liverpool’s spine is weak. Klopp should revamp the spine of the team by getting a strong defender at the centre, and an extra midfielder and striker that can sneak the ball through the centre and find their way to the opponent’s net.

Find a Good Goalkeeper

In order to win the Premier League, Liverpool must ensure that they score goals while not conceding too many goals. That’s what has ailed Liverpool this season. They have conceded way too many goals.
Klopp must scout around for a goalkeeper and bring an experienced one in to help Liverpool remedy its tendency to concede goals witnessed this season.
Generally speaking, Liverpool has a lot going for it. Klopp has brought in a team of talented and young players. Building a good, well-balanced team takes time and Liverpool fans have to be patient. Maybe players like Lallana and Karius are going to rock the Premier League next season.
Despite this, he should take advantage of the transfer window and get some experienced players to guide the youngsters. This could be the secret to winning the Premier League next season – this season is already out of their reach – and give Liverpool fans a reason to celebrate. It has been awfully long since they did that!

article publication on: 5/Apr/2017

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